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Installing WordPress

How To Install WordPress Via cPanel

We have streamlined the process for all our service users to easily install WordPress.

The entire procedure typically takes 3-4 minutes, with the installation itself completed in 60 seconds or less once you have entered all the necessary setup information.

To install WordPress on Enrol’s services, kindly proceed by following the steps outlined below:

1. Login to your Cpanel. Click on Softaculous App Installer under the option for Software.

2. Please click on WordPress and then install it now.


3. In the Software setup area, Choose the protocol, the directory and the domain name for which WordPress is installed.


Choose PROTOCOL: https:// (Recommended)

Choose Domain: The domain name for which you want to install WordPress.

In Directory: Please remove/delete WP to leave the directory  box empty if you want the site to be accessible

4. In the Site Setting area, set your site name and site description as desired.


5. In the Admin account area, set an Admin Username that you can remember and Password that is strong enough. Ensure the Admin Email is valid and you have access to it. We recommend that you use personal emails like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This will make it easier to do a password reset if necessary.


6. Enter the email you want the installation details sent to and click on Install. 

7. Once the process is completed, on your screen, you will receive a Congratulatory message and the installation details.

You now successfully installed WordPress, in order to access the WordPress admin area, please enter a browser and enter /wp-admin after as the example below (please replace with your domain name)

If you face any issues during setup and need some help, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you further along with any questions you may have.

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